Monday, June 16, 2008

Alicia's House

This is a home of a very sweet friend of mine. She has a stunning home in Forest Ridge. She has been ordering from me since February and I've been very anxious to see her home! She has 5 daughters and she's put a little UCL in all their bedrooms and it's turned out very pretty!

This is her oldest daughters room Andrea.

I'm not sure why the color is distorted in this one, but I wanted a close up.

Kaitlen's room is very cute too!

This is so cute and I think so appropriate! :-)

This is one of the bathrooms that the girls share. This bathroom was a family project where they painted circles. Alicia said it's not perfect but it's personal!! Love it!

And she has some younger girls who share a room. This is in their room.

These expressions are adorable in nursery's too!!!

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