Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Random Ideas

Sorry for the long "pause" in postings. I haven't been able to tour anyone's home yet. I do have 4 parties this next week, so check back and I'm sure I'll have more pictures.

August I will be having an open house at a friends BEAUTIFUL home in Tulsa. I'll post the date in case it works for anyone when we put it on the calendar. She already has UCL 4 different places in her home. I hope to get by there soon so I can show hers to you. Her house is awesome!

Here's a few pictures off a website that I log onto with fellow demonstrators to share ideas.


Betty's Only said...

The decorations are different and unique to the individuals tastes. Great work!

Betty's Only

Giles Family said...

I found your site through Andrea Freeman. I LOVE the frame you have posted here that says Nana's Girls and I want to do something similar for my daughter's grandparents. Was this a self designed expression or is it in the catalog somewhere?
Please email me back at Thanks so much!!