Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Mart @ Battlecreek

~ SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd, 2008 ~
Holiday Mart at Battlecreek.

Please stop by and see me. Jennifer Boelkes and I will be one of the vendors at the Holiday Mart. I'm excited as this is my first craft show. UCL doesn't typically let you sell already made stuff, but there are a few things we can do. We love to see the creativity of our customers and how they use UCL! However, we will have some things to sell.

It you are interested in seeing what we've got, please stop by. I will also be taking orders this day too.

I am taking December off from doing parties and will only schedule a few in January as baby Gage will be joining our family in February!

I will always take orders and I'm always open to you having a catalog party, so if you need anything email me!!

Thanks for your support my first amazing year being UCL Demonstrator! It has been an easy and fun year getting to meet new people and see their homes!


Friday, October 10, 2008


Last night's open house went awesome. We had lots of ladies stop by and I think they left with great Christmas gift ideas. Here are some of the things I have left for sale.

**This is not for sale, but we started letting Haile earn money for doing various chores and teaching her how to save, give and spend! I can make you a personalized set if you would like one. They're priced individually.

Give Thanks Glass Plate

Merry Christmas Glass Plate

"My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations" on a tile
** This is not in the new fall book, so order quickly if you like it**

"His Amazing Grace"

"Grant Me Patience to deal with my blessings"

My personal favorite:
"Domestic Goddess at work"

A very popular gift for Grandparents
"Grandkids welcome, parents by appointment"

"Joy to the World" Glass Plate

"Give Thanks" Glass Plate

Small wooden sign. Can be hung with a ribbon or sit on a shelf.


Larger wooden sign. I have them in black, choc and fresh linen. I can reverse paint colors and expression colors. They can be ordered however you want them.
Great gifts for new neighbors and in your own entry way!

Merry Christmas.

One of my favorites too!
Painted canvas.....don't want to put it on the wall? Put it on a canvas and you can move it around!
"Girl: n. a giggle wrapped in sunlight"
Again, these can be made to order in any paint color or expression color.
For boys, the expression says: Boy: n. a noice with dirt on it

This isn't holiday stuff, but we all need birthday plates!!
These can be personalized for your child to eat with on their special day. It can also be used as gifts for friends and teachers!

Custom step stools

This is an awesome teacher gifts! What teacher doesn't need their own personalized coaster. MANY embelishments to choose from. Here's a few. The top one is for Haile's teacher this year.
$6 ea. (personalization extra and priced per order)

Everyone likes candy jars!!
"Happy Fall"
$20 and ready to enjoy or give as a gift!

Toy Buckets (personalization extra)

I will be needing this one soon for Gunner!
"Car Bucket" (don't you LOVE the paper!!)

I know of a certain friend with 3 boys who could use this one for all their army men!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stop and Shop

Next Thursday I'll be taking part in a Holiday Stop-n-Shop!
~~ Thursday, October 9th ~~
6:30 - 9:30
4017 W. Canton St. (BA)
129th between 81st & 91st
Pembrook Park

It's at the home of Leanne Phelps. She does Pretty Tags and she'll be able to make bag tags for teacher gifts or friends right there on the spot!!

Also, there will be Matilda Jane clothing, Pampered Chef, and Southern Living. Many have said the UCL and Southern Living go great together and I agree!

I hope you can stop by!! My cell is 521-4385 if you need directions!

April's Home

April had a party a couple weeks ago and it was great! She was an awesome hostess! She just sent me what she has in her home and it looks great!

The first is a custom expression she did and it turned out great!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adorable Nursery!

This is baby #3 and he's SO cute! I'm so glad his mom let me in to help decorate his room.

Obviously his name is Brock!

This is an ajoining bathroom with his brother. Mom took a picture of her boys. Isn't it cute?

I could hardley wait to put this growth chart up! It's adorable! She used an embelishemnt at the bottom with the giraffe. It's chocolate brown and oh so yummy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scheduling difficulties

Our family schedule has gotten kind of crazy with 2 soccer practices per week and AWANA's on Wednesdays leaving really only Tuesday nights open for open houses. I know that doesn't work with everyone either so.........I have an idea!

In September, my younger two kids start preschool. If anyone wants to do an open house while the kiddo's are in school, let me know. I'm looking at Mondays or Wednesdays. Start time could be anywhere between 10am - noon. I've got to pick up preschool kids at 2pm in Tulsa. I know September nights I'm booked, but here's an option! Leave me a comment if you're interested!

Leslie's Home

Leslie has UCL displayed in her beautiful home. I had an open house there last week and finally got some pictures!

Her Kitchen:

Her Foyer

Guest Bathroom Shower Door.

Front Door....I LOVE!!!

And how could I not put this precious picture of Miss Avery on here. She's modeling "Sassy Peanut" for her mommy. Isn't she adorable! Andrea Freeman was also at the open house taking lots of orders for handmade childrens clothing. Her website is Clothes, bows, burp clothes and more! Check it out!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cute Kid's Toy Box

How many of us have toy boxes that need a little something? Here's Megan's kiddo's new cute toy boxes!

I also have a new website:

You can view my upcoming open houses to see if one is near you or to see if you'd like to schedule one.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Alot of you have seen the new catalogs.....but a friend of mine is having an open house on August 19th and I'm opening it to all of you! She has a BEAUTIFUL home and has UCL in about 4 different places in her home. (so far!)

Leslie Cropper
August 19th @ 7pm

8716 E. 104th Pl.
Tulsa, OK 74133
(101st between Mingo and Memorial) Email her if you can come please or leave a comment here.

I hope many of you can come!!!

PS - If you're interested in a fall or holiday party, please let me know soon. I'm having to cut back to one party a week so my hubby doesn't go insane!! ;-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Leanne's Kids' Rooms

This past weekend was a big weekend for a friend of mine who has twins. They've always slept in the same room in seperate cribs. Well, her sister needed one of the cribs so it "pushed" them into their big boy/girl beds. They were more than ready! Leanne and her hubby made it a huge deal and really did their rooms up cute! She used UCL to help decorate and I think she did a great job!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New pics / Vacation

Well, this weekend my husband and I are going on our first vacation (no kids) since our honeymoon! I'm so ready! All of you that have been calling and emailing for orders and to book parties....what a blessing you are! Honestly I'm a bit overwhelemed!

I'll be gone from July 19-23 and then in Branson from July 27-29th.

I've already got 3 parties in August, and with school starting will only have time for one more, so if you want an August party, email me quickly!!

Here's a few pictures of some past hostess and what they've done since their parties! They look GREAT girls!

The first is Carey's master bedroom. This is a custom order that she designed and I love it!

This is Alicia's master bedroom.

Her master bathroom has a huge floor to ceiling mirror and needed a little somthing! She also put a monogram on her shower door.

I've already posted these pictures, but she added some cute jewels to dress them up. She's so creative. The new catalog has added "gems" you can buy. I've ordered some so that you can see them. They aren't as big as these, but the same concept!