Monday, June 16, 2008

Alicia's House

This is a home of a very sweet friend of mine. She has a stunning home in Forest Ridge. She has been ordering from me since February and I've been very anxious to see her home! She has 5 daughters and she's put a little UCL in all their bedrooms and it's turned out very pretty!

This is her oldest daughters room Andrea.

I'm not sure why the color is distorted in this one, but I wanted a close up.

Kaitlen's room is very cute too!

This is so cute and I think so appropriate! :-)

This is one of the bathrooms that the girls share. This bathroom was a family project where they painted circles. Alicia said it's not perfect but it's personal!! Love it!

And she has some younger girls who share a room. This is in their room.

These expressions are adorable in nursery's too!!!

More Examples of how to use UCL.

This is a simple tile bought from Lowes with an expression out of the catalog in Chocolate Brown. This expression is also a favorite of mine as it's in my in-laws home!! Good job Leanne!

I did this canvas a while back for my kids preschool. Their theme for the new year is "Get in the Game". I got a canvas from Hobby Lobby and painted it blue. Then went over it again in some white. This was very easy and it turned out really cute! (PALS stands for "Play and Learn at Southwood)

This is above their door and I love it! Churches can use Uppercase Living too!!
Call me if you would like to design something for your church!

Monday, June 9, 2008


~ ~ ~ BIG NEW ~ ~ ~
In the past Uppercase Living has given double up rewards to all it's hosts. Double up rewards means that you take whatever you have ordered in the past 6 monthes and double it and that is a credit towards your open house!!

UCL is offering TRIPLE UP REWARDS for June and July!

If you would like to take advantage of this AWESOME offer, let me know. You have to have a minimum of $200 in sales for it to be considered an open house.

If anyone wants to have catalog parties, that's okay too! I already have many parties schedule, so call me soon if you want to schedule one!

Carey's Son's Room

I just did an open house where there were 4 different vendors there. It was so much fun! Carey ordered this for her son and I put it up at the end of her party. It's very cute especially with her wall color and decor!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Doesn't everyone need one of these?

Don't we all need one these at least once a day? I LOVE this stool! Each of my kids have their names on the side and there is room for one more and THAT IS IT!!!

This I love too. I guess I'm not going to make anything I don't like so I'll try to quit saying it. This is a $2 piece of pre cut wood from Lowes. I painted it white and put this expression on it. It costs $14.95!!! On the other side I'm going to put another expression on it. Who could resist 2 signs in one? I'll post the other side once I finish it!

Mindy's SUPER CUTE Bathroom and Room

Mindy is a friend who is SUPER creative. She has UCL in her Master Bedroom and in her kid's Bathroom.

These are embellishments she ordered and custom ordered their names to put on them.

She orderd the DOTS in 3 different colors to match her shower curtain.

She ordered their names for their buckets too......SO CUTE!

Then she took pictures of her cute kids in sunglasses and framed them. Don't you love it?