Monday, June 16, 2008

More Examples of how to use UCL.

This is a simple tile bought from Lowes with an expression out of the catalog in Chocolate Brown. This expression is also a favorite of mine as it's in my in-laws home!! Good job Leanne!

I did this canvas a while back for my kids preschool. Their theme for the new year is "Get in the Game". I got a canvas from Hobby Lobby and painted it blue. Then went over it again in some white. This was very easy and it turned out really cute! (PALS stands for "Play and Learn at Southwood)

This is above their door and I love it! Churches can use Uppercase Living too!!
Call me if you would like to design something for your church!


Leanne said...

Just wanted to add that for the "Grandkids" project, the tile cost exactly 89 cents at Lowes and he stand was $2.50 at Hobby Lobby (it was 50% off this week, regular price was $5.) Anyway, super great gift idea! Thanks, Carrie!!

Ashley said...

I love that you are posting ideas of ways to use UCL other than on the walls. I have several up my sleeve, but haven't gotten around to making my order. I'll get too it soon...I promise!!