Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New pics / Vacation

Well, this weekend my husband and I are going on our first vacation (no kids) since our honeymoon! I'm so ready! All of you that have been calling and emailing for orders and to book parties....what a blessing you are! Honestly I'm a bit overwhelemed!

I'll be gone from July 19-23 and then in Branson from July 27-29th.

I've already got 3 parties in August, and with school starting will only have time for one more, so if you want an August party, email me quickly!!

Here's a few pictures of some past hostess and what they've done since their parties! They look GREAT girls!

The first is Carey's master bedroom. This is a custom order that she designed and I love it!

This is Alicia's master bedroom.

Her master bathroom has a huge floor to ceiling mirror and needed a little somthing! She also put a monogram on her shower door.

I've already posted these pictures, but she added some cute jewels to dress them up. She's so creative. The new catalog has added "gems" you can buy. I've ordered some so that you can see them. They aren't as big as these, but the same concept!

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