Friday, May 30, 2008

Uppercase Living

I decided to start a blog to show you some of my little projects and to let you see how some of my friends have used UCL in their own homes. I do VERY relaxed home parties. Lately I've been doing parties where the host has 2-4 different "vendors" in their homes at the same time. It's usually a "stop and shop" party! Very fun!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Here's the very first think I did with UCL. This is in my kitchen under a plate rack. When my husband and kids came home, Haile asked who painted on our wall. I LOVE IT!!! We all know how much it costs to have someone come in a paint in your home (unless you yourself have the talent), this costs $26.95!!! "Bless All who gather here!"

This is a toy box Jed built me after Christmas. It was very plain until I added "Toys" to it. It's simple, but I like it. UCL allows you to design any name or words on their website. It's very fun to play with all the fonts!!!

This is on my fireplace.
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24.15
I have had several customers (friends) add this to their homes. This is one of my favorites!!

I painted a step stool for Haile. I got the stool from Micheals. These are very easy to make. On a side note, be sure you buy a stool that won't tip easy. Some from Hobby Lobby aren't made very well. All I did was paint it all white and glued some ribbon around the edge. I'm sure I could embellish it alot more, but I'll leave that up to the more advanced crafter...not me!! :-)

This is also one of my favorites. My youngest sister got married at the end of April at the Golf Club of OK. At the club there is a huge fireplace where this hung. I painted a canvas with an oil based paint (you can use oil base or latex) and put the expression on it. This makes such an awesome wedding gift!

UCL offers decals for your cars as well. Any expression can go on your car. This is one of my favorites.

Up close

We also have many "embellishments" that you can order in any size. They range from 2" - 18" and are a $1 an inch. I have some embellishemnts on Haile's step stool above. This is a soccer ball in black. I wanted it to be subtle.

Here are 2 canvases I did for a friends children. The first one will be on Gunner's walls in our new house. It's a little hard to read in the picture, so here's what it says:
getting messy, looking for bugs, digging in the dirt, playing with cars, throwing balls, splashing in puddles, giving mom hugs, pushing trucks, wrestling with friends, riding bikes. Overlayed on the top says "I'm ALL BOY!"
Everytime I see it I think of a certain mom with 3 little boys! (you know who you are, and you need this print in your house!)

This is for Miranda's daughter and fits her perfectly.
"It says Everything is better in Pink"
Both prints are on painted canvases.

This is a bucket from Lowes that I painted Blue and put Gunner's name on the front. It's fun for toys or trucks or anything else he thinks to do with it.

This is for my mom, but for some reason I have yet to give it to her!! It's a cheap tile from Lowes and the print is in choc. brown. It says "My favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations"

This is not my bedroom....I wish! This is a friend of mine with very textured walls. This is to show that UCL can go on any type of wall. This expression says "Your love is my light, Sun of all my mornings, Fire of all my nights." It looks awesome!

This is like the "J" canvas I did for my sister, except Kelly put it on her shower door!

This is Kelly's back door (used most often)

These make for fun wedding gifts. I got these glasses for at Old Time Pottery and put their initial on them.
This was for my neighbor. She only moved 1/2 mile away, but I miss her! She was a great neighbor, but I'm so excited for her and Jake.

This was for my sister.


Leanne said...

Neat idea for a blog! I have some pictures I can share! We love our UL!! Also, where did you get the stand for the tile that you did for your mom? I want to do something like that for a Father's Day gift.

Jed & Carrie Sowell said...

From Hobby Lobby. Always get them half price though.

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

You know I LOVE it! Very cute!
I'll send you the pics of my stuff.

Ashley said... I that mom you are talking about? If so, I agree I need it. Once I get around to decorating the boys room, I'll have to order is perfect!

I'm glad you got a blog going for this. I am redoing my business stuff and will put a link up for you...

Anonymous said...

Help! I am new to UCL and have been wasting hours online trying to figure out how to put my UCL words/ decals on a painters canvas.

I bought the canvas already stapled to a frame at Hobby Lobby. I was assuming I could use acrylic paint on the canvas for my background color behind the decal?

I can"t find any information on this technique! Do you mind telling me what kind of paint you used? I want to make sure I don’t botch up my expression by getting the wrong kind of paint! Oh, and did you let it “cure” for a while before you applied it?

Thanks for any help or instructions you may offer!

P.S. sorry I don't have an account on here, but could you e-mail me at


Anonymous said...

Hi I'm not sure if you still have this blog or not, but I am also wondering if you have any tips on how to apply UL to canvas. My friend told me, NO!! Don't do it! It doesn't work. But by looks of it, you have managed to make it work. Any tips you have would be appreciated. Could you email me at

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Love your fireplace. Could you tell me the size of your letters and what script you used? Carrie